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Local council elections

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You may have heard that local council elections are coming up in October. There’s a couple of changes that we wanted you to know about.

  1. The Victoria Electoral Commission did a representation review of all the local councils. For Banyule, this has resulted in a redrawing of ward boundaries and the addition of 2 new wards. Watsonia Neighbourhood House is moving from the Grimshaw ward to the Bakewell ward. To check which ward you are in now, click here and pop in your address.
  2. This year, the election will be done via postal votes. You can find out more about posting voting here.

Unfortunately postal voting means no yummy sausage sizzles or cake stalls, but it also means we don’t have the opportunity to connect with the candidates in person. These are representatives that will make decisions impacting on our daily lives; our local shops, our local roads and footpaths, parks and playgrounds and lots of community amenities and services. We encourage you to look carefully at the candidates, make contact with them and have a chat. Or read their candidate statements and see if their values align with yours.

You can find information and contact details for all the candidates here.

Remember that candidates can’t promise anything. Councillors will be working and making decisions as a group. We look forward to continuing working closely with the Bakewell ward representative.