The first Sustainable Watsonia gathering was fabulous with 41 people and 3 three dogs.😃.🐶 there was a wonderful vibe about the place and it was great to see babies and children here. Soon the table was covered with produce, seeds, seedlings, plants, relish and yummy home made nibbles. Most importantly lots of socializing and learning taking place.

Thank you everyone who posted on facebook, shared with friends and came along 😀😊 great to have the support of sustainable Macleod and Monty Community group. Big thanks to Robin from Sustainable Macleod for sharing her spring garden and general knowledge.check out the thank you to contributions for the swap from Megan, who left a bounty at the door! 

                        ....Sophie Miller (from Sustainable Watsonia group on Facebook)

Sustainable Watsonia Food Swap master