Greener-Houses-Logo-1As part of the Greener Houses Growing Greener Houses Project, which ran mainly from 2009 - 2011, Watsonia Neighbourhood House was chosen as one of five Neighbourhood Houses to be retrofitted as a demonstration centre to showcase the principles and operation of low energy and low water use design features, technologies and appliances in family homes.

The House has continued to be committed to environmentally sustainable practices and in promoting awareness of these practices within our community. The environmentally sustainable practices that can be demonstrated at Watsonia Neighbourhood House include:

  • green-side-house-1Installation of double glazing on windows to reduces heat and noise transmission
    • Installation of external blinds for thermal efficiency and energy reduction
    • Installation of internal window coverings on all windows for thermal efficiency and energy reduction
    • Replacement of light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives
    • Installation of Skylight solar tubes for improved natural light
    • Collection of rain water from roof guttering in water tanks
    • Use of rain water for garden irrigation and toilet flushing
    • Installation of 24 solar panels resulting in our electricity consumption being less than our production
    • Waste recycling and waste reduction
    • Worm farm for recycling of food scraps and production of fertiliser for our vegetable garden
    • Composting - reuse of garden waste and shredded paper for composting our garden
    • Use of Future Switch in our computer room - for improved energy usage
    • Encouragement of sustainable gardening practices.

If you should wish to see any of the above, or want more information about them, please ring 9434 6717 or call at the House.