Paid Staff

The house employs two part-time staff who organise the day to day running of the house and its programs.


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Lucie Holden

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Sophie Miller
Community Development Worker


These paid staff:

    • Advise and support the Committee of Management
    • Provide professional development for staff and tutors
    • Report to funding bodies and prepare grant applications
    • Supervise volunteers and students on placement
    • Develop policy and ensure the organisation meets legal and workplace requirements
    • Contribute to the Neighbourhood House Sector
    • Ensure that the house remains a friendly and welcoming place.

Volunteer Staff

We have a number of volunteers at Watsonia Neighbourhood House who unselfishly donate hours of volunteer labour in areas such as:

    • Office work - phone, filing, photocopying, website maintenance
    • Assistance with the production of Newsletters, Programs, Reports etc
    • Helping with financial matters and purchasing supplies
    • Enrolling students and helping out in classes
    • Gardening and Maintenance
    • Participation on Committees

Their work is always undertaken in a very professional manner.

In return, the Neighbourhood House offers:

    • Training
    • Computer skills
    • Access to phone, email
    • References
    • Work experience
    • FUN!!

We have a volunteer policy covering all these aspects of voluntary work. If you would like to offer your skills, and/or learn some new ones, contact us! We would be very happy for you to join us.


All our tutors have worked in the adult education sector for many years. They all have a wealth of experience in dealing with those who are nervous about returning to study or those who feel uncomfortable about enrolling for many reasons.

Many members of our community have benefited from the services provided by Watsonia Neighbourhood House, including those who do not have English as their first language or are from a variety of cultural backgrounds. People 0-90 years old are welcomed regardless of cultural background, education level and abilities. Our aim is to provide a warm and happy atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome.

If you have specific questions about tutors, please contact the house.

Social Group Facilitators

The Social Group Facilitators convene the various social groups and by this means ensure that everyone can be part of our community. Some social groups are recreational and some are primarily for mutual support, but all foster friendship.